How Accutane Made Me Depressed

Hey there,

This is Alex from Clear Within.

I just wanted to share a personal story that I think many people can relate to, and it's about my acne journey.

I can honestly say that as an adult, my acne was 10x worse than I ever had it as a teenager. 

Being in your 20's and having acne is the most confidence-busting thing you can go through.

I was so insecure that for a couple years, I felt ashamed to go out and lived like a hermit.


During that period of time, I saw four different dermatologists who gave me a variety of treatments.

Some of these topicals included benzoyl peroxide, adapalene, and tazarotene. The doctors would pair these topicals with antibiotics like clindamycin or minocycline. I went through so many rounds of antibiotics that my gut flora got destroyed. 

Paired with the topical treatments, the antibiotics did clear my skin. But once I finished my 2-week course, my acne would come back even worse than when I had originally started.  

After exhausting all my options, I was left with one thing: isotretinoin (popularly called Accutane). Within the first few days, I experienced the craziest side effects, from miserable stomach cramps, to nausea, back pain...and before I knew it, I quickly fell into a depression.  

My doctor said I was out of options.

But I figured if antibiotics could effectively clear my skin from the inside, then there had to be another way to clear my skin naturally by addressing the root cause.

Coincidentally, my best friend & roommate was experiencing the same skin problems as I, and he also couldn’t handle the side effects of Accutane, shortly stopping right after I did.

So together, we sought out to figure out the best natural remedies to heal our skin from within. 

After years of trial & error, we finally found a way to dig deep and address acne from within. 

The answer?

Natural vitamins that helped address acne-causing deficiencies.

If you’re like us and have tried everything with no luck, what we discovered might interest you. 

We’re putting together a list of vitamins that can help you clear your skin from within and are going to tell you exactly how each of them work in conjunction with one another to help you have healthy skin.

Be on the lookout for our next blog post - more coming soon! 

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