How It All Began

Two friends, same problem, same journey.
After spending years combating pimples as a teenager and eventually clearing our skin, we thought we had finally grown out of our acne. But as soon as we got into our early 20’s, our skin got even worse.
Deep cysts, whiteheads, and papules were popping up on our faces more than we ever experienced in the past. We saw different dermatologists who gave us every single topical treatment you could think of, from benzoyl peroxide to tretinoin to adapalene to salicylic acid and so forth. Even after many months of trialing each topical treatment, the acne persisted.
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With no results from these topicals, we were then put on antibiotics. And honestly, it was the only treatment that could control our acne and prevent breakouts. But the problem with antibiotics were that:
1. They destroyed the good bacteria in our gut, resulting in discomfort, bloating, and cramps.
2. After we stopped treatment, our acne would return even WORSE than when we started.
It turns out antibiotics are not good for long term use because they destroy both the good and bad bacteria in the gut. And the more you take them, the more resistant the bacteria becomes to treatment. So the more we used antibiotics, the less effective they became.
After exhausting all our options, our dermatologists recommended us to try isotretinoin (popularly known as Accutane). For many people, this was supposedly their holy grail of acne treatments. So we gave it a shot. And just within a few days of taking the medication, we experienced the worst side effects imaginable. We first instantly developed severe GI problems, which affected our work, sleep, and daily life. And shortly after, the rest creeped in — bad rashes, nosebleeds, back pain, and dry eyes.  Not too long after beginning this medication, we had no choice but to stop.
Our doctors told us that we were out of options, but we were determined to find a way to clear our skin, even if it was a matter of taking this into our own hands. Realizing that we were able to clear our skin from the inside by taking antibiotics, we figured that taking a more natural internal approach could be the most effective route without all the negative side effects.
After months of research, we acquired a multitude of information regarding drug-free remedies for acne. It turns out that a lot of the products we get prescribed from traditional dermatologists act as a band-aid to temporarily mask out the acne. In our case, there was underlying inflammation and hormonal imbalances that we were failing to “mask out” with creams and ingestible medications. To reaffirm our research, we consulted with holistic doctors who could properly guide this newly discovered drug-free acne journey. They helped us curate a program that grouped natural remedies and vitamins which worked in harmony with one another, tackling the root of our acne from the inside. And within a few months, both of our acne was gone.
We wiped out years of acne in just a few months by taking nutrients that our bodies needed to heal our skin from the inside out.
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And we were eager to immediately spread the word. We had friends and family who struggled with acne. After sharing these natural remedies with them and seeing their positive results, we realized that this treatment could help others and be taken to a larger scale.
But it cost a pretty penny. All these ingredients were very expensive to purchase individually. We couldn’t find any reliable high quality products on the market, so we sought out to create a product that was both top quality AND cost effective.
And this is when Clear Within was created.
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